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Blogging About Legal Ways to Make Money Online

Posted by on November 7, 2016 in interesting, websites

If you want to blog about legal ways to make money online, you really need to be careful. Too many people have fallen prey to scams online over the last 5 to 10 years. This makes your job as a blogger a lot harder – even if you have a realistic and legal way to make stacks of money online. Fortunately, we have a list of some specific tips that will help you blog about working from home without raising any red flags with readers.

How to Blog About Making Money Online

Here’s a quick collection of some specific tips that will help you blog better about making money online.


Be Honest – One of the biggest things you need to remember if you’re blogging about making money online is that honesty is indeed the best policy. You still want to be positive, of course, but make sure you don’t make up false stories to try to sell a product then it doesn’t matter if you are making false statements to sell your legit products including organic hemp protein powder or cosmetics.



Be Specific – If you’re really interested in growing an online audience, you’re going to want to give specific tips and techniques people can use to make money online – something more than just selling them a Clickbank product on how to getting rich quick. By actually offering value, you’re going to attract repeat readers which is worth more money in the long run.



Be Easy to Read – Another thing you want to do is make sure everything you post is easy to read and process. Use small paragraphs and a lot of bullet points if possible. Knowing how people read online (and on their smartphones) is important if you want to be successful.




Use Photos – If you can add photos that are actually useful – and not just there for show – you’re going to find that people enjoy your blog more. This isn’t hard to do, but you do need to spend the time to find appropriate images and photos that work well with your topic – making money online. One idea is to think of using a lot of screenshots of how you make money online.


Use Videos – Additionally, if you can use videos that actually show the processes you use to make money, people are going to be more apt to actually take you seriously.




Because so many people have been burned by get rich quick scams, you have to really be careful when you’re blogging about money making topics these days. Having said that, it’s still possible to write about this topic. You just need to make sure you follow the advice above and always remember, to be honest. The truth shall set you free and will fill your bank account with money if you work hard and keep at it day in and day out. Learning to work smarter and not harder is a good idea as well.